My liking of animals primarily comes from parents. In my childhood when taking excursions and walks in the forests I had great opportunities to get to know wildlife (plants and animals). I was able to marvel at the harmony of nature, the sincere behaviour of animals, at an early age. After having made friends with them, having fed them, having saved them from trouble or having helped them after injuries, I always admired the joyfulness, kindness and gratitude, they expressed.

I was merely a toddler when my parents took us (with my brother) to the Zoo, which eventually became the favourite pastime of our family throughout the years. During this time, I had already decided to keep animals in my home when growing up. These personal experiences have contributed to my life all along, giving me mental tranquility and inner peace for which I shall always be grateful to my parents.

Later on, being a freshly graduated teacher, I tried to pass on to my students the appreciation of nature and the love of animals. I have often taken them on summer camps. Organizing 'nature camps' on a yearly basis, we as the 'World Tramp Club' have actually tramped around the most beautiful places of Hungary and the neighbouring countries.

As a grammar school student, I was extremely proud when I got my first dog: CIRO, an always happy, handsome, playful English Setter. My next dog, JENNY, a faithful Irish Setter came from a rescue home. She adapted to her new family very quickly and we also got to like her for her friendly character. She was living with us for five years, then, after a grave illness, she left us in 1996. By this time, it became clear to me that I, always, would have a Setter because of their kindness, affection and personality. Then came DORMI, a Gordon Setter with mental impairments. She was not a 'star' for Dog Shows, she was 'only' to love for her grateful eyes and her whole character. She fell asleep forever in 2002 after having suffered from a grave illness for two years. LISI - a 12 year old real salt'n'pepper dwarf Schnauzer girl, came to me after the death of my mother in 2002. Having lost her beloved owner, she was very sad for a long time and had great difficulty to adapt to her new surroundings. Despite of her size, she became the 'boss' quickly. She was very clever and earned the love and the appreciation of my Setters. After a serious illness, she gave up the fight for her life on 28th February 2005. SZETTI - 14 years old, she was a real Irish Setter, dwelt as a nice, friendly, beautiful, playful, well balanced dog. She had been rarely shown as the hyper environment of dog shows was not her world. Having received her Champion title she enjoyed her well-deserved "pension" years with her beloved family. After having suffered in serious illness for three years she slept on the 27th November, 2009.
BRIAN - "He just cannot speak"- it is frequently said when a dog looks into one's eyes with its intelligent gaze than follows one's instructions precisely. Well, it might be surprising, but BRIAN spoke! He "spoke" all day long, never stopped "talking". He had an opinion of everything and voiced it loudly. Having been made his point so expressively that just by paying a little attention to him, one actually understood him. He was very social and did not like to be alone. What is more, he enjoyed guarding his four-legged friends even though he also had the personality of a "big kid". He was very kind and sensible and - there is no denying it - very jealous, too. In his presence other animals could not be caressed for he was getting hurt easily. There are legends about the dogs' devotion to their owner'. BRIAN was also very faithful. Amongst many of his good qualities, this was the most precious one to me and this was why I felt, he was so close to me. Thanks to his attractive looks, he achieved a lot of success at Dog Shows in Hungary, as well as abroad, during the past few years. To my greatest pride and joy, at the age of three and a half, he became the first Multi-Champion Gordon Setter in Hungary, in 2003. Bravo Brian! On the 25th October, 2012 he passed away suddenly.

Now, I have a Red and White Irish Setter at home: RUFUS. His playmates are LISI II (miniature Dachshund), PIKKY, TOTTI (miniature schnauzers) and ZSAZSA. All six of them are of different personalities but they live together in brotherly love. I have made a short characterization of them, please read it together with the breed histories.

Kennel history

The valuable experiences I gained through the years while having six Setters, I believe, entitles me to establish a kennel: the ERAVIS kennel. There are two reasons why I have chosen this, perhaps, not quite known name, to explain it, however, we must go back to ancient history. The great Celtic Empire - before the reign of the Romans - extended from Ireland through Spain, all the way to today's Turkey. There had been several tribes: the Illyr, the Iberian, the Italiscus, the Gall and the Eraviscus. I have chosen the shortened version of the latter as they had been the ancestors of the British and the Irish - where Setters actually came from. On the other hand, the Erasviscus tribe conquered Pannonia (which lays on part of today's Hungary), where they founded the first town at the place of the later Acquincum, thus connected to Hungarian history, as well. Only Julius Caesar could overcome the strong and warlike Celtic people, having conquered their lands, establishing the famous Roman Empire. After this short historical review, however, let us come back to the present.